Referral Marketing Program

Acquire high-value clients at a low cost, increase retention and grow revenue through targeted referral program.

Spread the word about your product through your existing customers
Let customers easily share your offers with friends on social media, email & SMS
Deliver automated follow-up email notifications to get more engagement
Discover how customers are interacting with your referral program at every step

Turn your existing customers into a commission-only sales army

Spread the word about your product or service through your existing customers.

Customers can share your offers with friends and family on social media, email & SMS.

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Reward both
the sender and receiver

Create value for you and your existing members by rewarding them for referring like-minded customers to your store. It's a win-win!

Create unique rewards for customers who share their referral link, and for those who click on the link to make a purchase at your store.

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Smart, high converting On-site Items

Create a fully customizable on-site experience that your customers will love.

  • Referral Overlay
  • Pop-ups
  • Notifications
See how it looks on your website

Give $10
Get $10

Invite a friend and get $10 when they order.

Your friend will also get $10 to use on their first order!

Deliver automated invitations and follow-up emails

Engage your customers after placing an order, by automatically emailing them to request a referral to your store.

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Track and measure everything

Discover how customers are interacting with your referral program at every step. See exactly where the flow falls off and how much ROI is generated.

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Integrate easily in a matter of minutes

ReferralYard apps allow you to integrate with your existing platform in 1-click.
Connect your store with one-click installation. A few-steps wizard, and you are all set.

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Easily build a rewards experience that your customers love

Fully customize all aspects of your customer’s journey including images, colors, text. You can even utilize our CSS editor to add custom touches to your designs.

Use post-purchase popups to get your customers on-board while they’re still ‘warm’.

Deliver automated follow-up emails and Invite existing customers to join your referral program.

See analytics and insights like industry benchmarks and top referrers.

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How to Get Started

Follow these 5 simple steps to create a referral program today.

  • Sign up for Free
  • Connect to your platform
  • Setup your referral rewards Choose how much do you want to reward sender and reciever after making an order
  • Tailor your program colors to match your website schema
  • Launch your Program
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